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Peter Macharia, PhD
Spatial Epidemiology

I am a spatial epidemiologist / geospatial analyst 


Interested in spatial health metrics  for improved understanding of health disparities and inequalities, vulnerabilities, and population health at high spatial and temporal resolution in SSA and LMICs  Particularly geographic access to healthcare, population marginalisation and vulnerability indicators, coverage of interventions, disease prevalence and associated determinants. I have expertise working with a variety of datasets, but mostly household surveys, censuses, health facility data, environmental data,  demographic and socioeconomic datasets. I use mapping (QGIS, ArcGIS) and statistical software ( R and STATA)


I've trained various audiences on how to apply spatial analysis and GIS in class, research, work and implementation settings especially for public, and global health. I have a PhD in spatial epidemiology, a Master's in GIS & remote sensing, a PgDip in Health Research, and a BSc in Geomatic Engineering & GIS. I am widely published in spatial epidemiology.

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